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Want to know my top secret social media recruiting strategy? Using this simple tool can help you enroll more teammates and experience monumental growth in your business.

Top Secret Social Media Recruiting Strategy! (1)

One day while being on Facebook, a Facebook message popped up. John Melton reached out to me on FB messenger with a short audio just asking me “what's up.”

If you don't know John, he is one of the top marketers in the business. I didn't know John very well but man did he catch my attention.

So I started doing the same thing. I just use the Facebook messenger voice recorder feature to connect with people and…the results have been nothing short of AMAZING.

I think why this strategy works so well is that it just adds a personal touch that is so often lacking on Social Media.

It truly helps to build personal relationships…

And building personal relationships is what it’s all about right?

You do have to be careful though.

You’ll want to LEARN how to use it the RIGHT way so you don’t end up turning people off.

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When I first came online,  I was lost and found I was doing most things wrong. So I I like to help marketers with  EXTREMELY POWERFUL FREE resources that you can download and implement right away and create results with fast in your business.

Since we're talking about prospecting on social media using FB messenger, my free download is Social Media Scripts that will help you build relationships and enroll more teammates.


Why Use Facebook Voice Messages To Aid Your Recruiting


When you leave a voice message it adds a personal touch and really leaves a good impression.

If done correctly.

With all prospecting, there is a right way and a wrong way to connect with your prospects and build personal relationships.

I'm going to show you a step by step process that will show you the right way….

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Step 1 – Relationship Building

All you are trying to do in the first step is to start a conversation with you.

You just want to leave a short audio saying ‘hey, what's going on' or something to that effect.

Just a quick message to see what they are doing.

Most people are busy so just be short and sweet.

Step 2 – See If They Are Open

After you have had a short conversation, get straight to the point. Let them know the reason you reached out to them was to ask them if they’re open to a side project if it wouldn’t interfere with what they’re already doing.

Step 3 – You Are Looking For A Yes Or No

You are only going to do this if your prospect gets back to you and lets you know that they are indeed open to what you’re doing or offering.

If they aren't open, that's okay. You were just asking if they were open. Be pleasant and stay connected. Many people will come back later wanting to know what you are doing.

When they say yes, just ask them a simple question.

“If I send you a link to a ________, would you look at it?”

Make sure you set up a time to follow up and answer any of their questions.

Many people make a mistake and not get a date and time to get back with them.

Just ask them straight out. “If I send you this link when you have time to take a look at it? Great so I'll call you at ________.”

This is a REALLY important step.

Make sure you confirm a time and never send out information to your prospects without a date and time to get back with them to answer their questions.

It’s important that you stay in control of the marketing process.

It really is pretty simple to yet very effective to walk your prospects through your marketing process with the Facebook voice feature.

Because you are using Facebook Messenger when your prospects join you, they will be able to go back to your conversation with them and use the exact blueprint to use with their prospects.

This is really a powerful prospecting tool for you and your team because it's easy to duplicate.

Make sure you keep your messages short and to the point. People are busy and they do not want to be bothered with long-winded messages.

And to help you even more with these Facebook Recruiting voice messages I’ll leave you with a really great resource that I created. These “Social Media Scripts” will help you know exactly what to say to strike up a conversation on Social Media.


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