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Contrary to popular belief your business is not your Network Marketing Business!

Now what the heck do I mean by that.


Your Business Is Not Your Network Marketing Business. Your Business Is YOU


Most people when they go into the network marketing business or a mlm business. They are usually told by their company to post images of the products and/or the opportunity.

Well that might work for a short time but…

At some point you run out of people to talk to. Many times people are getting sick and tired of your message.


Your Business Is Not Your Network Marketing Business


Take this to heart. Your business is not your network marketing business. Your business is YOU!

Your business is your skills, your knowledge, your ability, your leadership, your influence and reach, your audience in the marketplace, and how engaged you are with your audience.

Your audience is your email list, the people who have liked your Facebook fanpage, your friends on your personal Facebook profile, the people who follow you on Instagram, the people who have subscribed on your YouTube channel, and of course the people who read your blog.

Now what does that all mean? People buy or join people they know, like, and trust.

I don't know why you joined your business. I joined mine because I knew and trusted my sponsor.

I liked his values. Thought I could trust him. And if he was in the business I joined, then I felt it was a good quality business. Now of course, I had a passion for what the business is but because of the respect and trust of my upline, I felt comfortable getting started.

My guess is you started your business for the same reason. Now think of the people joining your company. Are they joining because of the products or are they joining because of you.

So here is some advice to grow you business. Brand YOU, find out what your target market is having challenges with and solve their problems.

Then watch as your business starts growing.



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