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In all reality so many people lack confidence when they first get started building their business. This will help! How to increase your confidence in your business for more sales and team members!


How To Increase Your Confidence


Since I started my journey in this outstanding industry, I have had my share of ups and downs. Like most people I had to learn how to increase my confidence so I could help more people on their journey towards freedom.

To help you in your journey I want to share with you 5 ways on How to Increase Your Confidence In Your Business. I am confident this is going to be the single most important thing you can do to create the results that you want.



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When I first got started in the Home Business industry, I owned my own business. I made money by I truly lacked time freedom. It seemed like the only way I could make money was to work every minute of the day.

When my friend approached me about Network Marketing I was kind of skeptical, yet at the same time I thought I can make this work, make great money and get my time back!

I don't know if you did this but one of the first things I did was search on the internet about my company. Oh man, did I see a bunch of negative stuff. To tell you the truth it kind of scared me. Was I making the right decision?

Have you ever experienced this?

Here I was, a successful business owner and I sold that business to join something that had so much negative press negative press online about it. I could just hear all of my friends wondering if I was crazy.

I made a decision to keep on going and don't let the negativity from the naysayers tear me down.

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Much like me you will soon find out the people who spread negativity are people on the ‘outside' not people who are actually in your company.

The best way to do kind of research is from the inside.

So look inside the industry to make your own decision about this awesome Network Marketing industry.

To increase your confidence in what you are doing…this is what you can do!




1. You Need To Purchase Your Own Products

Way too many people get into a business without even knowing anything about the product. You need to choose a product from your product line that you like, get confidence with the product and then be able to stand behind the product you are promoting.

2. Change the Self Limiting Talk

This is something so many people have to learn – but to tell you the truth this will probably be one of the most powerful of the 5 ways to increase your confidence. I used to say ‘I’m too old’ and ‘Who’s going to listen to me, etc.?” All of this has to stop. One of the most powerful ways to increase your confidence is to stop saying the self limiting talks which fill your head with limiting beliefs. Just understand this…what you tell yourself – Happens!

At MarkNelsonOnline.com, you can get a free resource that you can download and implement inside of your business and start seeing results with.

This week, I put together My Daily Affirmations to Help You Increase your Confidence and your Income! This FREE download is the perfect tool to help you crush  the negative self doubt that is always present in your mind. And then put you on a path to accomplishing your goals with intention and become a Powerful Network Marketer.



3. Create Your Income Testimonial

When you start started making a little bit of money, you are going to start developing a belief that ‘this really does work!!’ You need to convince yourself that this is almost too good to be true yet it is REAL.

To increase your confidence and show yourself what’s possible, you first need to do the steps your leadership is giving you and then create that income story for yourself that you can share when you’re prospecting.


4. Learn Everything You Can About The Industry

When I first got started, I had no idea what Network Marketing was. So I had to educate myself on the industry to build my confidence in this new venture. There are many great resources below that can help you increase your confidence and build your belief in the Network Marketing industry.

5. Make Sure You Block Out The Negativity

It's so important to your overall success to make sure you block out any external negativity. Many times this is hard to do when you first get started in Network Marketing. You are going to have a lot of people that try to sabatoge your path to Success and that’s not specific just to Network Marketing – people are just plain jealous and lack self confidence in general. To make them feel more confident and powerful they will try to tear down your excitement and keep you from moving your life forward.

Remember this, you are a strong professional Network Marketer. Block out any negativity and focus on only the positive and do your daily affirmations.

Start speaking life into these Daily Affirmations to help increase your confidence and create more success in your business.


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