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Whoever thought you could grow your business with pictures? In this blog post you will see how to grow your network marketing business using Instagram.

Instagram has quickly become the #2 most popular social media platform. I am sure you have heard of people making a name for themselves on Instagram.


How To Grow Your Network Marketing Business Using Instagram


They not only are making names for themselves but they are also generating new leads, selling more products, and connecting with people all over the globe.

If you are anything like me, I had no clue how I could use Instagram to build my mlm business.


How To Grow Your Network Marketing Business Using Instagram


So…What The Heck Is Instagram?

Instagram is an app that lets you share your pictures and videos from your smart phone. You grab a photo or video right from you camera roll, or take one from the app itself. But you can also use different filters, put in some text, and hashtags before you share it on Instagram for you followers to see.

Instagram was started in 2010 and has grown in it's popularity ever since the app was launched. In June of 2016 there were over 500 million users with 300 million people on Instagram every day.

As Instagram was growing in popularity, Facebook too notice and purchased the app in 2012 for $1,000,000,000.00 That's a billion dollars. Definitely not petty cash.

So…Why The Heck Would You Use Instagram?

The truth of the matter is, with so many people using Instagram, it's a great place to find and connect with people. That's what your network marketing business is all about. Connecting with people, telling your story about you, your business, and your products. You do this all by using pictures and videos that get the attention from your followers on Instagram.

Much like on Facebook, pictures and videos are the way to go right now. Pictures and videos receive more likes, clicks, and shares than anything else.

Think about this. On Instagram you can create your very own “media channel” where you post tips and content to people who are interested in what you have to offer them. Instead of telling people what you have, you “Show” them what you have.

To stand out with your following you help people solve a problem by sharing valuable content.

So…How Do You Get Started Using Instagram

Create Your Profile

Much like all social media platforms people go to your profile to see what you are all about.

Your profile should have the same social media handle you have on the rest of the social media platforms you use. Your image should be of you and should be friendly looking and professional looking. You don't need a professional image but you do need a nice clean picture.

Your profile is the only place you can have a clickable link.

Some people have the link go to their main website or you can send them to a capture page.

If going to a capture page, give them some free training in exchange for their name an email.

Take a look at my profile by clicking here

Your Posting Strategy

When posting you should be posting lifestyle images, motivational images and of course educational images.

When Instagram first came out people were putting up 6 to 8 images a day. The algorithm has changed so you don't have to be posting that often.

Consider posting 3 to 4 times a day. I take advantage of “hootsuite.”

If you have one Instagram account you can take advantage of the free service on hootsuite. You can load up images for hootsuite to auto schedule for you.

They don't actually post them for you but you will get a notice on your smart phone to push the images on Instagram. It works pretty easily.

Videos used to be only 15 seconds long but you can now post 60 second videos and just recently you can do a Instagram LIVE. Now how cool is that?

If you want to learn more about hashtags and other apps you can use to help you with your Instagram check out this free training.

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