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It seems like I get asked how to get more blog traffic or how to get more blog subscribers more and more.

7 Tips On How To Get More Blog Traffic

To tell you the truth when I'm asked how to get more blog traffic I return the question.

Do you mean how to get more blog traffic, how to blog subscribers, or how to get email subscribers?

I think they are really asking the same thing but in all honesty you need to be asking how to get more subscribers.

7 Tips On How To Get More Blog Traffic


So here are 7 specific strategies you can begin to implement today and start getting more blog and email subscribers right away.

1. Make It Easy And Obvious For People To Opt-in

Make you opt-in forms extremely obvious. Ask for the opt-in. Many people have them on top and on the bottom of each post.

2. Be Laser Focused

This includes your target market and your blog posts. Find your niche that you want to target and then write blog posts for them. Make sure each blog post gives value. Now you can have different categories you want to write about but again make sure you are giving great value.

3. Offer A Free Gift

Everyone likes something for FREE. This can be in the form of an ebook, a report, or an audio series. Tie this into your autoresponder so they have have to opt-in first.

4. Use Pushcrew

Pushcrew.com is fairly new. When people go to your blog site a small pop-up comes up on the very top. Asking them if they want to be notified when you have a new blog post. This also catches the email of the person opting in. How cool is that?

5. Dedicated Subscription Landing Page

Create a page that is dedicated to nothing more than obtaining a subscription, and drive traffic to it from your blog, Youtube videos, or really any other source you want. You can even put it on a unique URL, and add in the ethical bribe strategy to increase signups. For more information on doing this with AdWords, read this article, and then this one.

6. Become A Guest Blogger

Many people do not want to do this buy you can gain more exposure for your own blog. Make sure you have original content and at the end of the post have a little byline with a link back to your site.

7. Post On Blog Syndication Sites

Many people overlook this but on Facebook their are many blog syndication sites. You can post your current blog on their syndication page and people will comment and share your blog on social media. Usually you are asked to syndicate a certain number of other people blog posts in return.

So there you go these are my 7 Tips On How To Get More Blog Traffic, blog subscribers and email subscribers.

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