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Want to know how to get more exposure on your Facebook Lives?

9 Tips To Get More Exposure On Your Facebook Lives

If you are like me, I'm sure you are wondering how some people get so many likes, comments, and shares on their Facebook Lives while you get nothing but crickets.

9 Tips How To Get More Exposure On Your Facebook Lives

Tip #1 Make sure your content is congruent to what you are doing. Your lives should be consistent. If you are in health and wellness, then talk about health and wellness. Don't go off tangent and talk about, for example, traveling. You are just going to confuse your audience.

Tip #2 Take your company's pictures and links off your page. You start causing resistance when people start seeing your links. People start assuming you are going to try to sell them something or ask them to join your team.

There is a time and place to share your product and business but it's not on your timeline….

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Tip #3 Make sure you have catchy headlines. If somebody is scrolling through and you have a dull or boring headline…people are going to keep on going. Try to create some curiosity. Start testing out headlines. Take a look at people who are in your industry and see what headlines they are using that are getting attention.

Tip #4 Try doing different types of content. Now that doesn't mean going all over the place but pay attention to what people like to hear from you. See what videos are attracting attention and do more of those.

Top #5 Be consistent. Are you going to do 1 day a week, 2 days a week, or every day? Train your audience what time you are going to do your FB lives…

If you can do it at the same time that is so much better. Most of your views are going to be replay. Remember when people see your replay, they want to hear your content right away. You need to get to it. Don’t wait for people to come on.

Tip #6 Start asking questions…this is probably the best tip I can give you. Ask a couple questions and have them drop a 1 or drop a 2 or drop some emoji.

Tip #7 When you are done, make sure you go back and interact with the people that comment on your videos. The key is to spread you replies out. Make a comment and then wait a couple hours and reply to the next one. Then the next day go back and like their comments..

Tip #8 Email your list and tell them about your Facebook Lives…If you aren’t building a list let me know and I’ll get you some training on how to build your list

Tip #9 Ask people to share out your videos and maybe even tag people on it. Ask for some shares…”let me know if you do share. I want to give you a shout out.”

Here we go…under promise and over deliver…

Here is Tip #10 Stop competing with yourself. Less is more these days on FB. If I’m getting a bunch of interaction don’t put another video or another post out. Just ride the wave of that post. Let that post do it’s thing. Let it organically get it’s own stuff.

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