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When you start building a business you really need to increase your authority and influence.



Daily Tips To Increase Authority And Influence



Growing a home business isn't just about making money. Of course your goal is to make a profit and you will when you figure out that this is about helping other people.

To help other people you need to increase your authority and influence.

Here are some tips that you can do every day!!



Daily Tips To Increase Authority And Influence



Increase Your Knowledge

There are so many ways you can increase your knowledge. Read a book, listen to an audio book, watch webinars, follow leaders or watch some YouTube videos.

The more you knowledge you gather people really start looking to you. The more you know, the more value you can share with people. As you share your knowledge, you start to build your influence. That's when things become exciting

Put Out Great Content

As you gain more knowledge, the key is to share that knowledge through content. Meaning you have to start telling people what you are learning.

So where do you put your content? You can do many things. The best way to increase your authority and influence is put your content on your own blog, make a video about it, and the share it on social media.

People start seeing you as an authority and start following you. Take a look at what Ray Higdon does. He's a machine. But he puts out content every day that teaches people. Now do you have be like Ray. NO…you have to be YOU.

But…you can get some great ideas from Ray and use them with your thoughts and words.

Go Out Of Your Way To Help People

This might be the most important. So many people continue to spam links and put up images of money on their social media. Try something different.

Ask people how you can help them. Instead of trying to influence people with your business or who you know.

Ask them how you can help them. You will be amazed at how people will start following you.

Compliment People

Do your really want to make people feel good. Go out of your way and pay them a compliment. Now be genuine but giving compliments goes a long way.

We live in a negative world and everyone is a critic. So be the opposite. Tell someone they are awesome, you love their smile, or they are just an amazing person.

Find A Coach Or A Mentor

I balked at this one at first. Pay money to have someone tell me what to do. But then I started spinning my wheels and nothing was happening.

So I hired a coach, and guess what? He held me accountable but he was also very successful so he didn't do things for me but he gave me tips on what worked for him.

Do yourself a favor. Either find a mentor, a mastermind group, or hire a coach. Watch your authority and influence increase.

Invest In Yourself

This is a big one. To become an expert in your field, you need to invest in YOU! Buy courses, books, audios, and of course events. The more valuable you make yourself, the more income you make.


Oh, oh. That dreaded word and what the heck does exercise have to do with anything. Exercise makes you vibrant and people want to follow people with energy and attitude. So do yourself a favor. Take 15 to 20 minutes a day and go for a walk. Maybe a bike ride. Get that heart pumping.

Stay True To Your Word

This is so key. If you tell someone you are going to do something then by all means DO IT. This holds true to what you tell yourself to.

Have you told yourself you are going to build a business. Then stop wasting time and go build your business.

People are watching you…. Give them something GOOD to watch.





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