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If you ever saw me when I first got started in my network marketing business, you would probably have laughed. I was not doing well until I discovered the 5/5/3 daily prospecting routine. 

You see building your mlm or network marketing business requires networking.


Daily Prospecting Routine


I am really kind of an introvert and tend to keep quite in a group of people.

I really didn't like to talk to people on the phone.

So what Trick did I do to become successful.

Well to tell you truth I didn't do any new trick. I became successful in network marketing because I started being consistent in what I was doing every day.

If you ask anyone are a couple of the most important activities you should be doing daily, you are going to hear 2 things.

1) Talk to new prospects.
2) Follow up with old prospects.

So how many new people do you talk to and how many follow-ups should you do each day.

If you have ever heard Ray Higdon's story, he went for 20 no's a day. Of course now Ray is mega successful.

Remember I am an introvert so that seemed impossible for me.

Then I heard of another strategy. Actually I heard it from two people, John Melton and Simon Chang.

This strategy is called the 5/5/3 Daily Routine

5-5-3 Daily Prospecting Strategy

The 5-5-3 Prospecting Strategy is really pretty simple and you can do this either online or offline.

5 – The first 5 represents talking to 5 new people everyday.

This means you either open up a conversation or you qualify 5 new people everyday. This could be anybody but the goal is to see if they would be interested in learning more about what you do.

It doesn't matter if they are interested or not. What matters is that you talk to 5 people everyday. That means you don't go to bed at night until you talk to your 5.

I want to emphasize that whether they are interested or not is NOT important. What is important is that you talk to 5 people and you don’t go to bed at night until you talk to your 5.

5 – The second 5 represents following up with 5 people everyday.

This is following up with 5 people you have previously talked to. The Fortune is in the follow-up! 80% of the people join or purchase after the FIFTH follow-up.

3 – This represents the number of people to whom you “present” your product or business opportunity.

These people could come from people you just met or people you are following up with.

I Can Tell You This

Once you start your 5/5/3 Daily Prospecting Strategy, you are going to see results. Keep track of every phone call or online message you make everyday.

5/5/3 is so simple, but you MUST do it everyday.

Make it a rule. You do NOT go to sleep until you do your 5/5/3!

Start applying it today, and do it for 21 straight days. I guarantee you will see results and growth in your MLM or Network Marketing business.

Reach out to me and let me know how 5/5/3 grows your business and changes your life.



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