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Have you ever wondered how some people seem to create content that always gets noticed and attracts a lot of people.


6 Tips To Create Content For Your Blog And Video Campaigns


It really is easier than it looks.

6 tips to create content for your blog and video campaigns



Doesn't it seem there is a bunch of content on the internet every day where it seems like all writers only are trying to make money.

It really is easy to create content. The first thing you need to do is find your target market or your perfect customer.

To really give great value you need to know who are targeting. Your target market can be stay at home moms, dads, baby boomers, struggling network marketers, etc… Just make sure you know who your target is.

Here are 6 tips you can use to create content for your blog posts and videos.


1. Subscribe to other network marketer's blogs

You don't have to subscribe to everyone. Just pick a few that are in your niche and that give great value. Read their trainings or listen to their videos and then put your own spin on what you have learned.

2. Ask people in your target market “What's is their biggest obstacle”

You can do this on social media and to people who are on their list. Many times they will tell you what is really hard for them. Other times they might tell you everything is great and will tell you how they are doing things.

3. Network marketing forums and chat rooms.

You can get a ton of content ideas here. Many people will post an issue or a question and then other marketers will answer them. Look for questions that people in your niche or even you are having challenges with.

4. Google

Let Google help you find content. Just Google some ideas or questions and see what pops up. You can find some great content on Google.

5. Book Store

People tend to forget this one because of the internet but you can find some great books on network marketing in any book store. Either buy the book or just skim through and take some great notes.

6. Facebook

Not only on Facebook but you can look on other social media platforms too. Study what the successful are doing. Watch their Facebook Live videos. Do what they do. Take notes and then repeat with your words.

There you go. After reading and implementing these 6 tips to create content, you now need to know how to generate and income from your content. Click On This Link and I will show you how to generate an income from your blog posts and videos.

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