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One of the biggest challenges for people getting started in a home business is asking people for their business. In this blog post, I'm going to share with you closing scripts that actually convert!

Closing Scripts That Actually Convert

If you really think about this, you have been closing people all your life. Some of the best closers are children.

If you have kids think back and remember when they asked you for something. They were relentless. Often times not quitting until they got what they wanted.

Now I'm not saying you have to act like a child when you are asking for the sale or asking someone to join your team.

In fact, all I'm talking about is posture….

Closing Scripts That Actually Convert (1)

Imagine knowing that you have exactly what your prospect needs and wants before you even start asking for the sale or asking your prospect to join your team.

One of the keys to having posture is to not be connected to the outcome. All you really want to do is ask questions to make sure what you have is right for your prospect. And then collect a decision…either yes or no.

Watch my short video below where you learn more about my closing scripts that actually convert!


Ready To Take Your Business to the Next Level

Closing Scripts That Actually Convert (1)

If you truly are serious about creating success in your MLM business or online business then you need to get some education and have the right tools to build your success. If by chance you are like me I really didn’t know what I needed. I soon found out YOU need personal development and you need to know lead generation strategies. Without either you can forget about creating leverage –  which is having people come to YOU asking about your business.

A short time ago I found an attraction marketing training platform that not only changed my business but my life. It’s been around since 2008 and actually becoming stronger and stronger. So if you seriously are looking to grow your businessgenerate more leads and surround yourself with literally the best community of friends and mentors then I highly recommend for you to check out this platform. You and your business deserve this!


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