How To Find Your Social Media Voice

Have you ever found yourself not knowing what to say in your social media posts? Well, today I want to share with you how to find your social media voice.

One of the most important things in your marketing is finding WHO you are actually talking to. Meaning you need to find your perfect customer or your avatar

My Daily Choice Review

My Daily Choice Review

I chose to write My Daily Choice Review or MyDailyChoice Review because of different posts you are seeing.

You gotta love all the headlines you see about companies. My Daily Choice Review, My Daily Choice Scam, Is My Daily Choice Legit, and maybe even My Daily Choice MLM Scam.

My Daily Choice


So Let's Start My Daily Choice Review


The Best Affiliate Marketers Secrets

The Best Affiliate Marketers Secrets

Have you ever wondered who the best affiliate marketers are?

The best affiliate marketers I’m sure make the largest commissions from the companies they have chosen to promote.


Guess what? They probably use the same tools and strategies, and I’m sure even market the same products.

What do you think sets them apart from the people who are not making as much money?


Rob Fore Review

Rob Fore Review

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I first met Rob Fore back in 2008. I was looking for a way to make money on the internet. I posted a question on a forum and Rob took the time to answer my question. He gave me his contact information if I wanted to talk and learn some more.

He has been my friend, mentor and business partner since then.

My Rob Fore Review

After talking to Rob I made a decision to work with Rob and his wife Lisa in their network marketing company. I was a little nervous about joining because I lived in a small rural town and did not know a ton of people. However, I decided to get started because he had an online funnel that we could take advantage of to help grow our business. Bottom line is I trusted him. .

I knew he wasn't going to do the work for me but I felt I was going to be able to get some coaching and I would learn how to market online. I thought that was pretty cool. Now of course it would have been much easier if he just did all the work but I really wanted to learn how to market online and if he did the work, I wouldn't learn anything.

Attraction Marketing

 I don't know if you have ever been in network marketing but at some point you run out of people to talk to and that stinks. You have a couple choices, you can quit, you can buy leads, or you can generate leads through attraction marketing.