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Attraction Marketing is probably one of the most uses terms in the home business arena and my guess is you have probably heard of it or even used it.


Why Is Attraction Marketing Important_


But what the heck is attraction marketing and why do so many people say it is so important?

Even if you say, you don't know what attraction marketing really is, you have seen it in action without even realizing it.

Every successful marketer understands the importance of attraction marketing and of course they are good at it!

My guess is that you probably don't even know they are marketing. You don't see them pushing their opportunity at you, trying to get you to purchase their products, or have them tell you how great they are doing in their business.

Yet you just KNOW they are doing really well.

You probably don't know what their business is….yet you know they are successful and you follow them to learn from them.




Yet if you are anything like me…you get annoyed by people who are marketing directly to you…meaning sending you links without your permission, putting up images of their company or maybe images of a bunch of cash. That marketing doesn't work!

If your business isn't quite what you hoped for and you are wondering why. You probably aren't using attraction marketing or at least not using it the way you should be.

But that's okay. This post will help you.

This Is NOT Attraction Marketing

When I first got started in network marketing I was told to write down a list of 100 people. Then I was suppose to start reaching out and “showing” them my new business opportunity and try to get them to join me in my business.

Most companies will give you some kind of material to you hand out, maybe pamphlets, DVD's, or maybe even some samples of products.

After quickly going through your list of family and friends most people are taught how to prospect in malls, networking events etc.

Many people at that time also head online and start blasting out their products and opportunity to all of their friends on Facebook.

Of course their company wants them to post images of the products and images of the company.

If you are anything like me, I did exactly what they told me.

And of course people started avoiding me, my timeline on Facebook became just quiet.

Does this sound familiar to you?

Hopefully you are noticing this is NOT attraction marketing.

Let's dive into what really is Attraction Marketing!

This IS Attraction Marketing



The Definition of Attraction Marketing

This is Attraction Marketing


Now here is how YOU become the hunted rather than you doing the hunting

5 Key Attraction Marketing Strategies

Strategy 1: The Whole Idea of Attraction Marketing is to Attract People to You, Instead of Chasing People Away from You!

Now isn't that a cool idea.

Have you ever looked at someone's post on Facebook and just shake your head. Thinking what are they doing.

Now think back to some of your posts. Are you being opinionated, begging people to join you in business, arguing with people.

The whole idea of social media is to be social. People don't come online to join your business.

They come to learn, laugh, and get to know people.

So are you attracting people or are you pushing them away.

Strategy 2: Using Attraction Marketing Will Brand YOU As A Leader

Think back on your childhood. Did you notice some of your classmates were more of a leader than others.

Now think of who you wanted to follow.

People naturally are looking for leaders to follow. They look for people who they believe can help them in whatever they are trying to achieve.

Where do you think people will be looking for YOU to lead them?

People are looking for leaders to help them achieve their dreams, get closer to their goals, and to help them achieve success.

Not all people have the same goal but many goals might include these…

  • Become financially free
  • Travel the world
  • Start a successful business
  • Lose weight
  • Get healthy
  • Get organized
  • Buy your dream home
  • Become secure
  • Fire their boss (meaning leave their job)

If you are in the corporate world or in the service, you are assigned a leader.

In other industries like the home business industry, the health industry, or the financial industry leaders are searched for… 

Many times you don't have the belief that you have what it takes to achieve your dreams.

What that means is people are always on the lookout for a leader to help them reach their goals.

Now think of this. That person might as well be YOU. Especially if YOUR goal is to grow a network marketing business, build a downline, or even build an offline business.

Strategy 3: Attraction Marketing Means Branding YOU!

Now that we  know people want a leader to follow, and that leader needs to be you, then we have to build that your brand or YOU, inc.

NOT your network marketing company!!

Remember this statement….people join people, NOT companies.

People want to follow people who can get them closer to their goals. No matter what company you are in. If people believe you are the leader they will join you!

They only care who YOU are and how you can help them!

If the only thing you are doing is talking about your company, your products, or how much money you make…then you're not branding YOU.

People Join People...not companies Click To Tweet

You're branding the company.

Think about this…what happens if that company goes under or you switch companiesl

You need to brand YOU, because people join people, not companies.

Strategy 4: Use Attraction Marketing to Develop Know, Like, and Trust

If you are anything like me, YOU are not building a business to learn how to become a leader. Although that is what happens.

You are building a business to make money. To change your life.

To time freedom and financial freedom. You learn for this to happen you also help as many people as possible achieve their dreams too.

For that to happen, you need to learn how to attract new prospects too you everyday. You so that using the strategies #1 thru #3.

You are getting people to KNOW you.

Once people know who you are, you then need to work on getting people to LIKE and TRUST you.

You do that by putting out content (value) in the marketplace. When people see that you're out to help THEM, and working on their behalf, they begin like and trust you enough to give you their money.

All because they know YOU will always over-deliver for them.

Strategy 5: Attraction Marketing Changes Peoples Lives

Something amazing starts happening when you use attraction marketing the right way. People start getting curious to what you are actually doing.

You are going to find people will reach out to you and ask your what business you are in.

At this point you are becoming the hunted rather than the hunter.

When that happens it doesn't matter what company you are in. It doesn't even matter if your company shuts down.

Because you have been branding YOU by using Attraction Marketing!

That's how not only your life changes but also the lives of people you help along the way.

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Mark Nelson




To Your Abundance!

Mark Nelson

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