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Affiliate marketing vs network marketing. When I first started thinking about getting into the home based business industry I wondered which would be better for me or could I even do both.

Affiliate Marketing vs. Netowrk Marketing

Maybe you have had the same thoughts. Which one is better for you? Can you make more money in affiliate marketing or in network marketing? Can you do both?

In my video I will tell you the difference between the two options.

Affiliate Marketing vs. Network Marketing


Shoot I don’t know if you are different from me but I didn’t even know there was a difference.

But there is a difference. Affiliate marketing is when you would be trying to make a commission from products you marketing or affiliating yourself with.

Let’s say you become an affiliate to a certain product or service you like. When someone purchases that product or service you make a commission. This usually is a non-residual income (non-repeating), although there are some affiliate products and services that do offer a small residual.   

Network Marketing


Network Marketing is totally different. You usually become part of a company or service and you market the service or product you usually are making residual income and can make multiple levels of commissions.

Which One is Better For You?


Well that really depends on you. What are your goals and what do you like to do.

If you like working with people and helping people pursue their goals then maybe network marketing is the better fit for you.

If you are more of a salesman and just want to make a sale and be done with it than affiliate marketing might be the place for you.

Can You Do Both?


Yes you can but … you have to careful. Many affiliate marketers say they are network marketers yet their goal sometimes is to make money not help others succeed.

I do both. I belong to a system that has affiliate products. But the products are made to help network marketers learn how to bring their business online.

So even though I market products my goal is to help people achieve their dreams.

When you have that mindset, you can do both.

Watch the video below to see the difference between the two, affiliate marketing vs network marketing, and which one might be better for you.


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Mark Nelson

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