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Thinking of starting a home business? If you are you need to develop these 7 home business skills.



7 Home Business Skills You Need To Have
Now I know what you are thinking. Why the heck do you have to develop mlm skills? Your company is so good, you are going to get rich overnight!!

It might happen but chances are you are going to have to work on some network marketing skills



7 Home Business Skills You Need To Have


1) A “Never Say Quit” Attitude

It doesn't matter who you talk to, every leader that is successful in this industry has this attitude.

If you come in with an attitude of ‘I'll try it and see if it works,' you are going to end up quitting because of one small challenge that pops up.

Trust me…you are going to quit.

You have to make a decision right when you get started, ‘You are going to make this thing work and never give up!'

2) You Have To Be Good At Making People Feel Amazing

You might be thinking ‘what does that have to do with anything' but believe me the more you make people ‘FEEL GOOD' about themselves when they are around you, the more they want to be around you.

Have you ever noticed some people just have a knack for this. There are some people in this industry that I just love being around. Because of that, when they say they are looking at something new, I pay attention.

So go out of your way to recognize and compliment the people around you and you will notice a HUGE difference in your Team Growth.

3) Discipline

This industry is not like being at a job. If you want HUGE results then you are going to have to do things differently.

You need to have discipline not only to do the small things but you also have to be consistent in doing them.

Write down the things you know you need to do every day. Then develop the discipline to do them every day.

Develop a plan to do these things for 5 days in a row, then after 5 days do them for another 5 days etc. Soon you will develop a habit of doing what you need to do.

4) Marketing

You do have to understand you are in the network marketing business. If your thoughts are making big money then you are going to have to learn marketing.

You can either hire someone to help you or you can learn some basic marketing skills on your own.

Start looking for webinars and maybe, just maybe you might want to pick up a marketing course.

Because I took the time to learn some basic marketing skills for my home business, I now have people coming to me everyday asking to work with me and asking for help.

If you take the time and learn some marketing skills, you will have people asking you for help and wanting to join you in your business.

5) Prospecting & Networking

There will be a time when people are searching you out. Before that happens you need to find people who are looking for what you have. Then put yourself right in front of them.

When you do that it's ‘Working Smarter, Not Harder.'

6) Closing

Or maybe I should say asking for the sale. Do you know why over 90% of people who are exposed to Home Business don't joined.

They’re never ASKED!

You can do everything else perfect but nothing happens until you ask for the credit card.

Closing is a very important skill that you need to learn as fast as you can!

Check out how easy this is: This is after they have watched a presentation or a video.

Me: “Awesome Right? (nodding my head in a YES motion) What did you like best?”

Prospect: Telling you what they liked best

Me: Listening to what they liked best

Me: “Awesome, sounds like you’re ready to have some fun with us! Let’s rock n roll.”

You don't have to over complicate this?

If you’re not getting the YES’s that you’re looking for after you’re showing your Business,then just try this!

Then shoot me an email me and tell me how fabulous it worked for you!!!

7) Influence & Authority

Out of all 7 this skill is the MOST Important.

You could lack every other skill….

You could be terrible in every area of your Business Process….

AND STILL have Massive Success if you have Authority and Influence.

I grew up when Bob Dylan (the musician) became famous. Now (im my opinion) Bob isn't the best looking dude in the world and doesn't have the best singing voice.

But if today, he started a Home Business today and he asked people to join his business, they’d be throwing credit cards at him just to be one of his first sign ups.

Now WHY would people join him? Because he holds Influence and Authority with his friends, fans and followers.

Authority and Influence has been a huge contributor to not only my success but the success of the top 6 and 7 figure earners.

You are going to have to learn how to become and authority and have influence with people.

Can you do it? YES

Learn something new and share it with your market. Focus on serving people and you start building Authority and Influence.





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