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Have you ever read a blog post and the content was so poorly written you just stopped reading?


5 Ways To Improve Your Content


Here are 5 ways to improve your content that will create a loyal audience who not only looks for your next post but also will purchase from you time and time again.

I'll tell you the 5 simple ways in a little bit,

But before I do..

Do you think there are similarities between how you write the content for a blog post and how you put together a video?

They are very similar.

If you are looking for a simple structure to make videos check this blog post out here.

The key to writing great blog posts and making videos is to deliver high quality content to your audience.

Which means you always have to be giving value every single time you create a piece of content.


5 Ways To Improve Your Content


Your content not only has to give value but it also has to be readable.

Meaning when people start reading they are actually drawn to continue to read more.

This is so crucial because you want your audience to see your Call To Action so you can move them to the next step you are bringing them to.

Here are the 5 ways to improve you content so it is very easy to read.

1.) Intro

The introduction is so stinking important.

You want to get their attention and want them to continue reading.

How do you do this?

You need to write your first sentence so your audience almost has to go on and read the next sentence.

You need to write that first sentence so your readers almost have to read the next sentence.

You should be arousing some kind of curiosity to make you want to continue reading.

Usually a great start to an article will be fairly short with no big words and you create some curiosity.

The goal of your 1st sentence is to get people to read the next sentence.

That's it!

Keep your paragraphs short and to the point.

The world today has very short attentions so you have to be on point without a ton of words.

2.) Better Headlines

If you want people to read your blog posts and your emails then you have to write great headlines.

Many readers make a decision if they are going to continue on from your headline.

To make sure you have great headlines make a headline swipe file somewhere.

Start paying attention to other headlines.

Whatever you are reading pay attention to the headlines and if the headline is catchy put it in your swipe file.

The same thing for emails.

Watch for catchy subject lines that make you want to open the email.

Put those subject lines in your swipe file too.

3.) Open Loops

If you are a tv watcher you see open loops everywhere.

Before a commercial or at the end of and episode they leave you hanging or leave a big question unanswered.

That's an open loop.

Like… a cliff hanger.

It doesn't matter what show you are watching.

They always leave you wanting to come back to watch more.

“Make sure you come back next week to see if …..”

Of course we want to come back next week.

We want to see what happens.

Check out how I started this blog post.

“I'll tell you the 5 simple ways in a little bit,

But before I do..”

The open loop is “I'll tell you the 5 simple ways in a little bit” is designed to keep you engaged and wanting to read more.

4.) Break Up The Text

One of the best ways to improve your content is to break up your text.

Big blocks of text will just shut your readers down.

Write in short sentences and paragraphs so you have a lot of white space and breaks between sentences.

You can also take advantage of:

  • Bullets
  • Ellipses
  • Quotes

It really doesn't matter how much value and how good your content it, if you write in big looking paragraphs you are going to lose your audience.

5.) Focus On Your Closes

The last of the 5 ways to improve your content is to focus on your close.

You don't need to spend a ton of time on this but your reader needs some kind of closure.

It really can be very simple, like this:

“So there you go. There are the 5 ways to improve your content. If you feel you got value please share and comment below.”

Ways To Improve Your Content: Summing It All Up

So now it's your turn to create some great content by applying these 5 tips.

Once you start applying these tips on a regular basis your readers are going to be more engaged in your content and reading all the way to the end.

One More Tip

Some how you should be sending your readers to the next step.

You can do it by actually writing something like this.

Next Steps

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You can use a PS line like the one I use below



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