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Doesn't matter where you are in your business. A 30 day blitz will grow your business.


Commit To A 30 Day Blitz And Grow Your Business


If you take this seriously your business will be completely different in the next 30 Days

Commit To A 30 Day Blitz And Grow Your Business



Before we get started we have to set the correct mindset and you are going to have to eliminate some distractions.

There are two types of distractions. They are internal distractions and external distractions.

Internal distractions are the voices in your head and believe me we all them. These distractions allow you to watch TV or maybe sit and watch YouTube videos, scrolling though Facebook or Instagram. Whatever distracts you from doing your work.

External distractions come from all over. Your family, maybe friends, your work and of course the naysayers. If your family is a challenge you need to sit down and talk with them. Explain what you are trying to do but then of course you actually have to do something.

You truly need to avoid busy work. This can be tough. It's easier trying to organize your schedule or clean your desk than it is doing the work you need to be doing. Everybody does it and I did too. Focus on your work before you start cleaning.

Master Your Mind

You have to make a decision to do whatever it takes for these 30 days. Get rid of ALL EXCUSES. This is only for 30 days from start to finish. Make a commitment to yourself and to your family.

Self Development

Read 10 pages per day of self development. During drive time listen to self development audios.

Goal Cards

Write down what your future will be. Write down your financial goals, retirement goals,etc. Put them on post-it notes and spread them around your house.

Make a Vision Board that you can see every day.

Now let's get to what you need to do during your 30 Day Blitz


If you are Part Time you must expose 2 to 3 people to your presentation per day, 6 days a week.

This is 56-84 exposures during your blitz. At first you are going to enroll people at a rate of 15%-20%, that means you are going to have 10-17 new teammates.

Think of this. Every MLM has a different compensation plan. I happen to be an affiliate for MLSP. When we have someone join us we get paid $100 for every month they are active. So for ease I'm going to use $100 per month for each teammate.

If each new teammate brings you $100 a month, that's a $1000 to $1700 monthly income. How cool is that.

If you are Full Time you need to expose 4-6 people to your presentation each day. Again at a rate of enrolling teammates at 15%-20% which is having 112 o 168 people looking at your presentation. That means you are going to have 20 to 34 new teammates at the end of the 30 day blitz. That's $2000 to $3400 monthly income.

As you continue to talk to people you are going to get better at inviting, presenting, handling objections and of course closing.

To help you in your 30 day blitz download this 1/96th table. This table is used to fill in every 15 minutes of your daily activities as they occur. Print out 30 copies and keep track of when you are doing your daily activities during your blitz. Track everything you do. With this table you will be able to tell yourself why you are or why you are not creating the result you desire.

I totally believe if you commit to a 30 day blitz your business will turn around.

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