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The Thank You Challenge

I’d like to invite you to SendOutCard’s 30 Day Gratitude Challenge. All you need to do is send one greeting card to someone you are grateful for for 30 days.

Check it out:

My Coaching Code is mnelson

30 Day Gratitude Challenge

I listened to the Packard Team call and heard them talk about the 30 Day Gratitude Challenge.

The Challenge is for the next 30 days, send a card or letter to someone expressing your gratitude for them. Now how cool is that. Do you know how many people you can touch. Well I do. At least 30 if you are up for the Challenge. Continue reading

Here Is My SendOutCards Presentation Word For Word

I wanted to share my SendOutCards Presentation or Gift Account Walk Thru word for word. When I ask questions I try to ask questions that will answer YES to. So here we go!!!

Okay, I’m going to show you something pretty cool, or at least I think is pretty cool.

I’m going to have you go to my website.

You’re going to type this in the address bar in the top, okay?

Go ahead and type in That’s (I spell it out, go slow, plus say it twice)

Okay, you should see my ‘mug’ shot in the top right hand corner. Do you see my picture and name Mark and Nancy Nelson (I want to make sure they are on my website) Continue reading

Finding Your First 2 Subscription Customers

If you are serious about building your SendOutCard business, you need to go get two subscription customers. Before you do anything else.

Find 2 people who love you enough that would give you a kidney if you needed it. This could be family, your neighbor, your pastor, your best friend, etc.

Here’s what you say: Continue reading

The Power of MLM – 1 Year Plan – Luis Garcia

SendOutCards Manager Bonus Payouts & Commission Explained

This post was written by my good friend and mentor Luis Garcia. Enjoy.

As a Manager if you gather two customers and help one person get started with SendOutCards per month and if every new distributor duplicated your efforts, after 12 months you will:

Earn $25,000 in bonus money
Have 500 MDs & customers
Generate over $16,000 in monthly volume

These examples are approximate figures and don’t reflect what you can do. There are people getting started with SendOutCards today that are doing much better than we did. There are some that started their business around the time we did that are doing much better. But there are thousands that quit way before they saw any duplication take place.

We analyzed the commission structure  in order to set clear goals for ourselves this year and to help you understand why we have intensified our efforts to share SendOutCards with the masses. The power of duplication is incredible and we are at a very defining moment in SendOutCards and know that those who are working their business in 2012 will be the next 6-figure income earners of SendOutCards 2015.

Three years goes by pretty quick! Continue reading


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