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Today I'm going share with you the power of storytelling for help in marketing and growing your business.


Power Of Storytelling


You can use the power of storytelling in every piece of content you produce.

You can use it in your blogs, videos and emails.

To show you I want to tell you my story and how I got started in this great industry.

I first got involved in home business by an acquaintance of mine. Not a friend but I just knew this person in my community but to tell you the truth, not very well.

All I knew was he was working for a great corporation and making really good money. Then I heard he quit. So when he asked me if I was willing to listen to what he was doing I said yes.

Needless to say I joined him in business. I did okay but I was gone from my family all the time and almost lost my family. So I quit, never to do network marketing again.

But the seed was planted and because I was curious I kept looking at different things.

Then I came across Rob's story.

See Rob at one time was literally broke and homeless with a wife and 2 young sons.

He also was diagnosed with cancer and not given a very good prediction for his future.

He knew he needed to do something to make sure his family was going to be okay.

So he searched and found a training platform and a community of people where he could plug in and learn how to create an income using online marketing.

Today Rob is one of the top earners in internet marketing and is also one of the most respected.

That's a short synopsis of his story.

But… I want to tell you how it affected me.

See when I read Rob's story some things just lined with me.

I had been diagnosed with cancer and knock on wood after 5 years I am cancer free.

I had made some bad business decisions and wiped out our finances.

I have a wife and a daughter and a son.

I also knew I had to do something.

There were so many things in our stories that lined up. I knew if Rob joined this company and changed the future of his family.

I knew I could too. And the rest is history.

I got ahold of Rob online and joined the same company with him and followed the exact same steps he suggested I do.

See Rob's story connected with me. I felt I knew him and I felt I could trust him. I'm just glad I found his story.


To be most effective in using the power of storytelling, there are 3 key words and they are feel, felt, and found.

Typically they are used like this: I know how you feel …. that is exactly how I felt when … and this is what I found …

Start telling stories in all your content and watch how the power of storytelling will help grow your business.



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